Social Development

Developing students for the workforce is not just about KSAs and academic performance; students have to be taught how to conduct themselves in a work setting and learn social norms of the workforce. KP Scholars provides conducts workshops that allow students to explore how other professionals carry themselves and also learn about behavior that is unacceptable. Students role play and have group discussions that help shape their personal template of how they want to be perceived in the workplace. The following four principles reflect the content areas for our social programming:

Vision and Goal Setting

Achievement begins with vision.

Planning along with developing a realistic look at goal setting and achievement is central to life long success. Scholars learn to identify and explore their interests and talents while gaining exposure to a variety of career and life paths. Scholars are then able to envision and articulate their professional futures and identify the strategic moves and decisions they must make to transform their visions into realities. Scholars also learn to think about obstacles as unwanted yet controllable elements of a life/professional plan.

Perceptions and Attitude

What you think affects what you see and do.

Self-perception and attitude can sometimes be the secret ingredient to a person’s success. With this principle, scholars evaluate their attitudes toward other people, their environments, the world, and themselves. Scholars learn the importance of healthy self-perception and how leveraging this perception can yield powerful results.

Character and Behavior

You take yourself everywhere you go.

What does it mean to be a good citizen? A responsible adult? A leader with integrity? Character and behavior development instills the skills and thinking scholars need to achieve their goals and become influential leaders in whatever they do. This principle teaches and reinforces effective communication, the power of collaboration and teamwork, and how to set positive examples for others.

Action and Perseverance

Learning to start and keep going.

Taking action is a skill and a learned behavior, and teaching young people to transform vision into action is the essence of the Kinetic Potential Scholars Program. Scholars learn that action encompasses more than simply “doing” something but instead acting in a strategic and skilled manner. With this principle, scholars learn to manage their time, set priorities, and take appropriate steps towards their goals. Scholars also develop techniques to help them manage unexpected obstacles or setbacks and the invaluable skill of perseverance.

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