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Kinetic Potential Scholars was founded in 2008 to create a more predictable career pathway for youth from low income communities into the middle class. Often these youth attend low performing schools and are challenged by numerous socio-economic factors—single parent households, high crime neighborhoods and limited exposure to career professionals. The following statistics underscore the challenge:

  • Only 16% of youth from low income communities graduate from college
  • College graduates earn $1 million dollars more than high school graduates in their lifetime
  • The average high school graduation rate in the nation’s 50 largest cities was 53%

Our founder started his career as a management consultant from a similar set of circumstances but was able to successfully navigate the pitfalls that ensnare so many of today’s youth. His belief that his experience should not be happenstance was the driving force for creating KP Scholars—that the business principled and technology utilized to help companies increase their revenue or reduce their operating expenses could be applied effectively to solve this social challenge.

Since 2008, KP Scholars has provided services during the school day and during out-of-school time to low-income youth in Title I schools from over 500 school districts across the country. Our programs have been certified by over 35 state departments of education including the District of Columbia as a Supplemental Educational Services Provider. We remain committed to our mission of helping at-risk youth secure careers with high earning potential and have broadened our customer portfolio to include all youth in need of career development.