President's Message

The 21st century workforce faces a series of difficult challenges with the emergence of seismic technological advances and the proliferation of globalization. The occupations and skills required for today’s labor market have changed dramatically as our economy has evolved from agriculture, manufacturing to the current service-based economy. The public-school system, the largest supplier of talent, has adopted the mission of college and career ready students yet employers and universities stress that high school graduates are not adequately prepared upon their arrival. As a result, the supply of talent is dramatically misaligned with employer demand jeopardizing the competitiveness of American enterprises and creating a permanent underclass for future generations. 

Kinetic Potential Scholars partners with school systems, employers and higher education to address the structural elements that contribute to talent supply-demand challenges. Our expertise is talent development—we transform after-school programs into dynamic workforce development programs that incrementally build the skills in demand by employers as students progress through the K12 system. This collaborative approach to building talent portfolios creates a sustainable and predictable talent supply chain for employers and represents an innovation in education that ensures school districts are able to deliver on their college and career readiness goals. We invite you and your organization to join our efforts to systematically change the lives of millions of youth, create a stronger labor pool and help our employer partners be more competitive in the global marketplace.

Jim Smith III, CSM, CSPO