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KP Scholars is more than just a provider of services; for many of our partners our strongest value proposition is the role we play as integrator and manager of the talent pipeline. Our KP Community Stakeholder Model identifies the various actors that are essential for developing our talent and the role and responsibilities they each play in the context of a service delivery network.


Our definition of customer is the individuals, students, scholars and mentees that are the recipient of the serves provided.

Service Providers/Educators

Service providers and educators provide development services and activities for our customers—they are generally academic institutions, NPOs and for profit organizations.


Employers sit at the end of the pipeline and are the beneficiaries of the talent that is developed. Employers are corporate organizations, government agencies, NPO’s, NGO’s and academic institutions.

Founders/ Supporters

Funders are institutions that share our commitment to developing students and provide a great deal of the financing required to pull customers through the pipeline with grants and matching funds—they are generally NGOs and government agencies.

Individuals/Affinity Groups

These are the citizens and organized groups that live within the local community—they are committed to the successful development of the upcoming generation and those in need of mentorship.