Today’s youth face a growing number of social crises that make navigating adolescence difficult and impede the path to successful, independent living.

Consider these findings compiled on negative youth outcomes:

• Over 1.23 million high school students failed to graduate on time;
• More than 32 million youth were under juvenile court jurisdiction;
• An estimated 3.75 million teenagers contracted STDS; and
• Approximately 900,000 girls under the age of 19 became pregnant

These statistics are not only startling but also illustrative of the measurable effects of failed education policies, unstable home units, increased crime, and media oversaturated with sexual imagery. Negative youth outcomes have economic consequences as well. Juvenile crime, teenage pregnancies, and high school dropouts cost taxpayers billions of dollars a year and contribute to a weakening American labor pool.

Research consistently points to supplemental education and structured, after-school services as effective solutions to these social crises. Youth development programs traditionally provide these services, enriching the 2000 hours children spend outside of the classroom and decreasing the chance a child will engage in negative and self-destructive behavior.

The Kinetic Potential (KP) Scholars Program takes these solutions a step further by integrating traditional youth development programs into a dynamic network of service providers that support not just youth development but life development of individuals from childhood through adulthood.

We believe our solutions have the potential to systematically change the lives of millions of youths, creating a better society and stronger labor pool fit to successfully compete in the global marketplace.

Join us in the fight to rebuild our communities and create the future leaders of our nation. A brighter future is possible when you have Innovation@work!

Jim Smith III

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