Our Computer Assisted Mentoring System is a hosted web based application that improves return on financial investments, mentoring effectiveness and management control by integrating mentoring activities into a comprehensive value chain and providing automated workflow for our scholars’ advancement. This revolutionary product creates the virtual pipeline for youth development connecting students with the resources that are available to support their growth along a predefined roadmap for their career aspirations. The CAMS system maintains complete, up-to-date account information on all mentees in its database which communicates directly with the host server eliminating the unnecessary flow of paper. Mentoring administrators and guidance counselors have easy access to the supplemental education and career aspirations of their student populations through a web based interface. CAMS prepares requests for additional public information data, such as truancy data, police records and other publicly available data as well as generates outbound correspondences such as applications for development programs, scholarships and other vital mentoring resources automatically or on demand.

Key features of the system include:

  • A comprehensive repository of real and second life community resources.

  • Career development roadmap that identifies the critical skills required for entry level positions and

  • Decision engine that allows for experimental test and control strategies to improve upon existing mentoring strategies.

  • Mentoring effectiveness statistics for report tracking and evaluation purposes.

  • Online access to all account information, monitors progress against individual development plans and evaluates the effectiveness of programmatic resources.

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